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        My name is Lauren M Antoine! I am a Ringling College of Art and Design alumni with a BFA in Motion Design and a Minor in Creative Writing. For the last 5 years, I've been using my skills in creative writing to enhance my capabilities in Brand Design. I love presenting new ideas and figuring out a story that could go along with it. Coming up with creative ways to present new things to others is something that I strive for. I also have skillsets in management while working with different local businesses, and that has helped craft the person I am today. I have a server's mentality and spirit when it comes to tasks-driven projects that I can't help but find joy in the benefit that it will bring to others. As a Motion Designer, I have worked on projects that have required different programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffects, Premier, and a bit of C4D.

           While I was attending Ringling, I was mainly based out of Sarasota Fl. However, I'm originally a Texas girl through and through. So when COVID became a big part of the world, I decided to move out of the sunshine state back into the lone star to be closer to family. While I was in FL I joined a non-profit group called "Greatness Beyond Measure" also known as GBM hosted by Melanie Thomas to help teens become empowered entrepreneurs for future generations. I still support this foundation since it's empowering our future minds. While working for the school as a student worker, I was given the amazing opportunity to go on "Buddy Cruise". While on Buddy Cruise I helped those with special needs develop skills using a camera, helped guide them during news broadcasting, as well as being a news anchor for the "Buddy Cruise News" Which is shown at the end of the trip. I can't explain how rewarding it was, because I also have a family member with special needs! If given the opportunity to go again I would in a heartbeat! So now that you know my work personality . . . should I let out my inner geek? . . . Meh I'll save it for another day If I ever get to meet the person currently viewing this interesting profile of myself hahaha. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this far, and hope our paths cross one day! 

"My dream is to keep dreaming . . . so that I always have a story to tell, and that I can always find something new to create"


-Lauren M Antoine



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