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What if you trapped in your own mind? How would it feel? Would you feel calm or scared?
For me this feeling was terror.

Project Details

During my stay at Ringling College of Art and Design, the senior class was asked to submit a pitch of three design choices to work on for the semester. If all three were chosen the student would work with structure A and work within the 4-week time frame to make a compelling story that would Explore something new that the student hasn't tried before. The following 4 weeks would Evoke a compelling story that made the audience feel a specific way during the animation. Then finally Educate the audience on something the student which to teach the viewers through their work. If there was a specific pitch that caught the faculty's eye the student would then be placed under structure B. Structure B allowed the student to work on the project for the entire semester while still Exploring, Evkoing, and Educating their audience like structure A would. When Pitching my ideas for the project it was evident that Structure B was better since I would be exploring the world of cell animation and possible typography for my project.


Entrapment Backstory


ENTRPAMNET follows the emotional events that I now live through since my hospitalization in October. During the process of experimentation, hand-drawn animation became the best solution because of the personal connection I have to this project. The colors chosen for this piece were white, black, and red. Red symbolizing my panic and terror during the event, black for the darkness that consumed me during the event, and white for finally being healed from it all.

Visual Approach 

In the beginning, the idea was to voice all of the feelings I had during my hospitalization in Mexico before I was transferred to Sarasota Memorial in FL. I recorded what I felt and the raw panic and cracks from my voice are how I still feel today. Because I was using my own voice, I wanted to make everything about this piece personal. Every brush stroke and movement etched and baked in like how the terror baked into my heart.  After exploring cell animation I then created an animatic to present to the faculty. At the end of the review, it was noticed that some part was working while others were not. So to cut downtime, a new voice over was created, along with a new process. 


Hurtles during the project

Full Storyboard layout

When I first recorded my voice it was hard to figure out how I was going to portray everything that I wanted to. So I started with a mind map of just putting in ideas and then went to make a rough idea board of what it could look like. Afterward, I planned out the entire storyboard of how things would look in animation. 

Production Issues

The interesting part of this whole story is that I started this project at Ringling with their high-end equipment, but then COVID-19 happened so I had to adapt. I barely had enough money to pay for my rent, but this project had a  deadline. I asked around to my friends and one of them happened to have an old Cintiq they were willing to sell me, and I pay them in installments whenever I had the cash to do so. So the rest of the project played out on this very helpful new workstation at home.

Production Set-up

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 6.34.18 AM.png

Planning out everything after sketching out the thumbnails at Ringling


COVID-19 kicks in and then started working

from home.


Drawing pad stopped working properly and ended up investing in a Cintiq 

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